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Espacio Gastronómico Creativo

Founded in 2013, Espacio Gastronomico Creativo is a recurring event that takes place every 2/4 weeks in Sydney.
10-15 people meet at 7pm at a cool space (originally at Eduard's place in Bondi), they chit chat, order take away and drinks (or their BYO drinks), consume it, and then, by 8pm the session starts. The EGC events are brainstorming session, based on ideas communicated by Eduard in advance, so attendees can come up with ideas beforehand and share them during the night, or contribute freely on the spot, and get ideas from other attendees' ideas during the discussions.
The rationale behind these events is that most of us work in a professional environment where we attend meetings that end up in no action being taken, and where our ideas are not considered. At the EGC events not only your ideas will be considered, but if you, and another attendee believe in it firmly, we will help you take them further, by providing you with the tools to do so, whether by introducing you to a company, or by helping you create an MVP, a Pitch Deck, or get you ready to present your idea to Venture Capitalists.

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